Hello! You've come to the right place if you want to contact us, or find out a little more about who (or perhaps what) we are.

To contact Kayzi click here!! Or here!! But not here (believe me..you don't wanna be clicking there). Kayzi is generally the hyper one in the comic, although contrary to popular belief the name Kayzi does NOT come from crazy! If anyone want's to know the origin of the name contact me and I'll be happy to explain. Phew! It feels good to stop talking in the third person! Basically Kayzi is like me (real names Nat!) she's/I'm (aack I'm confusing myself here!) into games, cartoons, comics..you know the basic stuff. I'm the one who does all the artwork, site graphics etc..I'm very much into my plasticine!

Now...onto Dev! She's the more serious one in the comic. She's into books and comics etc. She's not too fond of my frivalent use of exclamation marks so I better watch myself here! Ooops! Look what I did! Dev too is like her real life counterpart (aka Hope) so a lot of the JC strips are based upon on how we act together irl. Dev does all the site stuff and updates. If you would like to contact her click on this.

Dev and I both write the strips..generally I come up with the ideas and then Dev tones them down! Man..if she didn't aaaaall the strips would feature parachuting penguins and muffin eating slugs...or something along those lines...

There are some other characters in the comic..but you can't contact them. Franklyn was initially introduced to be blown up..but he sort of grew on us so we kept him about. We also have the penguins and the ducks...coz you gotta have those! Nightlight Man is a pretty powerless penguin superhero, unless ofcourse he eats cheese, then he's got the power to vanquish the toughest jelly's!!! Norbert is the blinking sheep who finds himself in mosh pits quite frequently and weebo...well I think he's pretty self explanatory don't you?

I suppose I better mention the Magneto Doodles too...those are an example of what happens when Dev doesn't tone my ideas down.

Well that's about everything..if you've got any questions or feel we've left anything out just send us an email....after all that is the purpose of this page..I don't want that lovely stamp icon to go to waste!