Jaded Chaos Interactive

In case you were looking for one of our games or animations, we now have a helpful list, so you don't have to know what they are called on the drop down menu. Enjoy.

Nightlightman Game

Moshing with Norbert
(Music by Effervescent and Jesse James)

Save The Sheep
(Music By Kenisia)

Dress Up Gir

Kayzi and Dev's Excellent Adventure

Secular Seasonal showdown

The Misadventures Of Weebo

The Misadventures of Weebo #2

Scary Movie

School's Out
(Music By Alice Cooper)

Where's Wanklyn?
(Muisic by Effervescent)

Squeezable Ducks

Duck Explosion

Musical Penguins

Our haloween comic, whisper:

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