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Weapon Cat - A bizarre and amusing new comic.

A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible - I canít describe this one, apart from to say it has gorgeous art and is strangely compelling

Unshelved - A great comic about librarians.

Cat and Girl - You should read Cat and Girl.

Bunny - a wonderful comic, featuring bunnies.

Dog Wars - Now featuring commercial parodies.

8-Bit Theatre - One of Kayzi's favourite webcomics.

Mac Hall - A very cool strip, with some great artworks and comic moments.

Megatokyo - A great webcomic, and one we read regularly for its great ongoing story. Good artwork too.

Nothing Nice To Say - A great punk comic strip. Now back from the dead.

Oh My Gods! - A very god, uh, I mean good comic.

Sin Fest - Very funny comic

Strange Candy - A funny and rather weird comic. But then most of the ones we like are.

Theater Hopper - A great comic about films...kind of like movie punks..but without the punks.

Winter - More serious than some of the other comics here, but great art and an interesting storyline.

Dominic Deegan - comic about a seer and his friends. The is an ongoing story which is hugely addictive and sweet.

Chuck and Elmo - a very funny comic, and it's in paint! Brings us back to our oldschool jc roots.

Reality Cheque - what everyone needs - a reality check and a bad pun! A very fun comic.

Finished/on hiatus comics:

Avalon High - A cool comic about the lives of a group of people in school (could I have made that sound more interesting if I tried? It is a good comic really.)

One Over Zero - One of Kayzi's recent favourites.

Pants Of Death - Dev thinks this site is very funny, but Kayzi doesn't agree.

Boy Meets Boy - Another of Dev's favourite comics. (Unfortunately now ended, but the creatrix has a new site called Friendly Hostility)

Movie Punks - A very cool comic.

Other Sites

Gundam - Kayzi's local comic book shop, which has a great online store, for all your comic book needs.

Gundam - Dev's favourite anime :)

Effervescent - A cool british Punk band, with a very cool site.

Jesse James - Another cool British band, but this one's a ska band, with some really good tunes.

Geek Culture - A cool site for geeks with comics and other fun stuff.

Fish in a pint - They linked us and mentioned Kayzi's trapdoor trousers, so they deserve to be linked :)

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles - A Beatles site.

Peter's Pencil - Peter's art site.

Kenisia - Great Ska -punk band who feature in our save the sheep game!

Stinkwater -a very fun site

Webcomic Directories

Comics resources - directory of comics related websites and discussion groups.

Talk About Comics - Quality webcomic links and interesting web comic discussions.

Astro Nerd Boy's comics page - lots of cool comic links

Digital Webbing - Comics info, news and other cool related stuff.

ADBD - Mostly French, but we love them because they added us anyway!

Stu's comic strip connection - good list of online comics

Buzz Comics - top 100 list of comics